They laugh, and then they leave.
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Angela'Sarah. 22. Canada.

It's so easy to get lost in constantly having to present whatever face you believe a person wants to see rather than your own.
Love is a fragile thing, easily destroyed by dishonesty.
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✯ Are You Satisfied? ✯


✯ Are You Satisfied? ✯

Im not addicted to alcohol or drugs, im addicted to escaping reality.

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It’s you. It’s been you for the past 486 days. Since the moment I met you. It’s you at 2 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. It’s you when I’m sleeping and studying and eating and laughing. You are everywhere and you are everything.

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Camping Trip | by: { Kellen Mohr }


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…And honestly, I just can’t be home right now, because I hate knowing that you won’t be there when I get back.

— Reasons why I ran Away. (via lipstickstainsanddespairingveins)

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